Guardian Angel (GA) is an innovative mobile health application that is being designed and developed by eHipp LTD company.

Currently, eHipp medical services have being partnered with Bank of Cyprus in a 3-year collaboration plan, for the implementation of the Physical and Mental Health pillars of the Bank’s Well at Work programme. eHipp is offering a range of services to Bank of Cyprus’ (BOC) employees, including a prototype Guardian Angel mobile health application which is currently on pilot phase and is being validated by BoC workforce.

In the near future, business’ clients will able to download a user-friendly App on their mobile phone or tablet and complete a thorough health and lifestyle questionnaire. They will have the option to connect to a wearable device that will monitor real time your vital signs. Whenever they feel like it, they will be able update your profile on the app by stating how they feel and why.

The Guardian Angel platform will be constantly analyzing this information, and will be providing you with tailor-made advice, to improve your lifestyle in six main categories of care: clinical, psychological, cognitive, social, physical and nutritional. In cases of emergency, it could even send an alert to your designated person.


Through lifestyle intervention and preventive healthcare, decrease healthcare costs and increase quality of life.


Become the preferred mHealth app for corporate health-promotion programmes and health-conscious individuals internationally. The GA app will offer holistic and personalised advice to improve the quality of life, wellbeing and self-care of working adults, as well as to enhance corporate wellbeing, compassionate culture, productivity and profitability.


Mind and body are inseparable. At Guardian Angel we conceptualize what it means to be a healthy person from a holistic perspective. Our interventions reflect the emphasis that we place on all aspects of human health.

We offer our Healthometer as a convenient, easily accessible tool that each individual can use to assess his/her own overall physical and psychological health, and then suggest individualized intervention strategies. Our diverse team of highly qualified professionals views each person with compassion and empathy. We have designed our application very much in that spirit, believing that all persons want to live meaningful lives and can overcome many of the challenges they face. As healthcare professionals, we adjust our approach to our clients’ specific needs and circumstances. In each instance we ask ourselves, “What is the best thing that we can do for our client?” That question serves as the guiding principle of our interactive application and reflects our person-centered orientation.

Personalised interventions at a multifaceted level – at primary and secondary prevention levels- have the potential to reinforce preventive
healthcare for up to 70% of chronic diseases, which account for 80% of healthcare costs in the Western world. In addition, the GA corporate health-promotion programme will be customised for each potential corporate client to boost the wellbeing and self-care of their employees, encourage organisational compassion and improve overall the corporate culture.