Gregoria Samouti

Gregoria Samouti is an 18 year old student studying in the 7th form of The G C School of Careers in Nicosia. She is now preparing for her medical school application and aims to become a compassionate patient-centred health care provider. 

Gregoria is fascinated by the valuable use of technology and digital health in healthcare. She strongly believes in new and innovative high tech ideas that could significantly improve quality in healthcare. The importance of eHealth was clearly demostrated during the COVID-19 pandemic. The eHipp team and Guardian Angel project is providing the opportunity to young and prospective healthcare professionals to experience the value of digital innovation in Healthcare. 

She is a ballet and contemporary dancer and a fond of music and playing instruments as well as sports which has made her interact with people and realise how much this communication with people in general matters to her. Her participation in a Volunteer community  has made her a better more compassionate and devoted person. She believes that Compassionate Care is of utmost importance and vital for all professions, but most importantly in healthcare.  Lets all be reminded “Educating the mind without educating the heart is not education at all” (Aristotle)

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