Dr Sue Shea

Sue Shea has a background in psychology and research into psychosocial aspects of chronic disorders. Throughout her employment history, she has gained a wealth of experience in health related research, which has enabled her to collaborate on a variety of research projects. Her experience includes co-ordination and development of research projects, research methodology, data analyses and interpretation, publication and presentation of research findings, application of psychological principles, critical appraisal/evaluation, literature/systematic reviews of international literature, preparation of funding proposals, proof-reading and editing, review of research proposals and articles, and other initiatives. For many years, Sue has worked from both the UK and from Greece. This has led to her involvement in a number of activities, enhancing her knowledge and enabling her to gain a good insight into health and social care issues in two culturally different European countries. Sue has a strong interest in the concept of compassionate care, and since 2010 has been involved in many initiatives within this field including authoring/co-authoring a number of related publications, conference presentations, development of courses, symposium organisation, and other related activities. She is lead editor of a book entitled: ‘Providing Compassionate Healthcare: Challenges in policy and practice’, published in 2014, and is co-editor-in-chief of the recently launched ‘Journal of Compassionate Health Care’. She is also involved in international networks consisting of experts in this field.

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